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Esteban Chocolat Gift Set -Delectable Holiday Gift from Esteban-

These scent chips are Esteban’s original idea and is a unique 
product that has become a top seller. A few drops of the refresher oil will boost the fragrance, allowing you to enjoy the scent chips continuously.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Esteban Scent Sphere: SALE ALL 35% OFF

Esteban Scent Sphere: SALE - All 35% OFF.
At its heart, this ornamental fragrance diffuser encapsulates all of the subtlety of an Esteban fragrance like a precious box. Its organic, plant-inspired design and precious forms will have you yearning to collect them all.   

Inside the sphere, a 100% cotton wick draws up the scent while keeping the perfumed solution intact, guaranteeing a subtle, gradual diffusion.
*Please note that the sphere may need to be filled with the liquid twice before the fragrance begins to diffuse into the room. The ceramic portion of the lid will soak in the initial fill which will then allow any additional liquid to be diffused and fragrance the room.   

AMBRE - $32.50  
CEDRE - $32.50  
ESPRIT DE THE - $32.50  
 NOTE MARINE - $32.50  
TECK & TONKA - $32.50  

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